Yali Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Yali combines classic radiator style with smart functionality and exceptional build quality. Designed to handle freezing Scandinavian winters, Yali creates a perfect balance of radiant and convection heat for maximum comfort.
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  • Oil-Filled & Electric No need to run pipes throughout your house to a central boiler.
  • Independent Operation You'll never have to run a central system to keep a single room warm.
  • Easy Installation Takes less than 30 minutes per panel by an electrician, handyman or us (Vic Only)
  • No Ongoing Maintenance Unlike hydronic systems, LVI radiators are entirely maintenance free.


  • Oil-filled radiator with vegetable oil.
  • Made from strong steel of the highest quality.
  • Hard-wearing white epoxy paint (RAL 9016).
  • Can be connected to wired external programmer, wireless programmer or central controller with WiFi facilities
  • Simple to use, rapid heating and even temperature across the entire surface.
  • System for locking the mounting device.
  • Quiet, odour-free and non-allergenic.
  • Sequential temperature control of the front and rear panel. (double panel units only)
  • Frost protection (0,5-10˚C)
  • Open window function.
  • Lockable thermostat unit.
  • 10 year warranty on radiator body
  • 2 year warranty on electronic components
Material Cold rolled steel
Oil-filled radiator filled with vegatable oil
Standard colour Hard-wearing white epoxy paint (RAL 9016).
Accessories Connection cable for plug connection (230 V).
Included in Package Monclac wall brackets and screws for fixed installation are included.
IP spray-resistant guard for IP 44
Panel Configurations Single (11), Double (21)
Splash Rating IP44 when installed with wallbox splash cover (required for compliance)
Heights [mm] 300; 500
Widths [mm] 400; 500; 550; 650; 800; 950; 1000; 1050; 1100; 1250; 1300; 1500; 1600; 2000
Thermostat Advanced digital thermostat with precise control.
The surface temperature can be lowered to 75˚C or 60˚C. Temperature levels 75˚C and 60˚C lower the output of the radiator to 70% and 55% for a single radiator and 90% and 80% for a double radiator.
Adaptive start with timer function.
Weekly program individually adjusted in each radiator.
We recommend a central external clock or Touch E3 when a weekly program is needed.
Sequential temperature control of front and rear panel (double radiators only)
Open window function.
Lockable thermostat unit.
Thermostat housing manufactured from self-extinguishing and UV-resistant plastic ABS-PC V0.

300mm High Radiators

Model SKU Wattage Amps Configuration Height (mm) Length (mm) Price
Yali 250W / H300 x L400 / Single FE7110300401ASK0 250 1 Single 300 400 $710
Yali 500W / H300 x L500 / Double FE7210300501ASK0 500 2 Double 300 500 $820
Yali 500W / H300 x L800 / Single FE7110300801ASK0 500 2 Single 300 800 $820
Yali 750W / H300 x L800 / Double FE7210300801ASK0 750 3 Double 300 800 $940
Yali 750W / H300 x L1100 / Single FE7110301101ASK0 750 3 Single 300 1100 $940
Yali 1000W / H300 x L1000 / Double FE7210301001ASK0 1000 4 Double 300 1000 $1,060
Yali 1000W / H300 x L1500 / Single FE7110301501ASK0 1000 4 Single 300 1500 $1,060
Yali 1250W / H300 x L1300 / Double FE7210301301ASK0 1250 5 Double 300 1300 $1,160
Yali 1500W / H300 x L1600 / Double FE7210301601ASK0 1500 6 Double 300 1600 $1,280
Yali 2000W / H300 x L2000 / Double FE7210302001ASK0 2000 8 Double 300 2000 $1,460

500mm High Radiators

Model SKU Wattage Amps Configuration Height (mm) Length (mm) Price
Yali 500W / H500 x L400 / Double FE7210500401ASK0 500 2 Double 500 400 $820
Yali 500W / H500 x L550 / Single FE7110500551ASK0 500 2 Single 500 550 $820
Yali 750W / H500 x L500 / Double FE7210500501ASK0 750 3 Double 500 500 $940
Yali 750W / H500 x L800 / Single FE7110500801ASK0 750 3 Single 500 800 $940
Yali 1000W / H500 x L650 / Double FE7210500651ASK0 1000 4 Double 500 650 $1,060
Yali 1000W / H500 x L1050 / Single FE7110501051ASK0 1000 4 Single 500 1050 $1,060
Yali 1250W / H500 x L800 / Double FE7210500801ASK0 1250 5 Double 500 800 $1,160
Yali 1250W / H500 x L1300 / Single FE7110501301ASK0 1250 5 Single 500 1300 $1,160
Yali 1500W / H500 x L950 / Double FE7210500951ASK0 1500 6 Double 500 950 $1,280
Yali 2000W / H500 x L1250 / Double FE7210501251ASK0 2000 8 Double 500 1250 $1,460

Radiant Comfort

LVI radiators produce a balance of radiant and convection heat. While convection helps heat reach every corner of your room, radiant heat means greater comfort for you and less heat energy lost to draughts.

Precision Temperature Control

Heat that's so stable and even - you'll forget it's turned on. Thanks to a precision thermostat and high thermal mass, your rooms stay within 0.1 degrees of the set temperature.

Family Safe

With no fans to blow allergens and dust, a low surface temperature and additional child safety modes, you can breathe easy knowing you have heating that's safe for the whole family.

Completely Silent Operation

No noisy fans, no heaters creaking, crackling or popping. The fully-enclosed electric element means LVI panels operate in complete silence.

Built to Last

You'll feel the premium European construction the moment you open the box. Built from solid steel and filled with non-toxic vegetable oil, they're designed to warm your home for years to come. All backed by a 10 year radiator warranty and a 2 year electronics warranty.

Central Wireless Control

With the optional Touch E3 wireless controller, you get the ease of a central heating while keeping the benefits of being able to control units individually. Connect your smartphone to your Touch E3 with the free app, and you can control your heating even when you're not at home.

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